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Date: June 10th 1915

June 10th, 1915.

We left the place where the shell disturbed our slumbers and came here. We went into action and I took the teams back to the waggon line. I spent the remainder of that night on some oat bags. It makes a fine bed. Next morning I reconnoitred a new waggon line as our past experience showed me this one to be too far from the guns. We moved down here the same evening and here we are. Since then I have been up to the F.O.O. twice as Ell had a sun headache. It is a "jolly" place with three pretty bullet grooves in the board over your head and heaps of sandbags. The thing to do is to get in without being seen, see without being seen, and get out in the same manner. Things are O.K. while the battery is shooting to keep down the sniper's heads, but at other times it is healthier in the cellar. We have a nice cellar here with a couple of old mattresses and one older one outside that we use to plug up the window at night. You see it is only about 300 yds. From the trenches and all lights must be blanketed at night. The weather has been mighty hot, but the rain cooled things off a little. I was simply soaked with perspiration when I got back.

My billet here is the best since we came to France. I sleep in a great big BED, and my long used Wolseley kit rests rolled up on the floor for a change. The old lady here cant do enough for me and everything is fine. The first two nights I slept in the orchard near the horse lines but as I could only use one branch to hang things on I had to hang my coat, belt, haversack and all on my water bottle, suspended from the tree. This was too much, plus mosquitoes. I shaved on the back of the water cart. Now I shave indoors. The men sleep in a loft and some in the orchard. The teams are all under trees which same spot has become very wet and muddy after the rain of last night.