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Date: March 16th 1916

March 13, 1916

We had a wet time in last tour and even the M.O. has a cold. I had a good ride today and it did a world of good.

There is no leave yet. I hope it starts soon. Probably the affair on the French front has stopped it.

Dont get any grand ideas about your son from the newspaper letters. I gave Babe the true version of that affair in her letter.

Did I ever describe our nocturnal wanderings up near the trenches? You see no one can show a light within about a mile and a half of the trenches because this would be spotted and the locality shelled next day if not at the time.

Hence no matter how pitch black the night, we stumble along through the mud trying to keep on the "bath-mats" or paths. Then the Bosches put up a fine bright flare and we run along for a few seconds while it burns. This is back a bit. When at the "front" of the front and a flare goes up we stop still as snipers can spot movement easier than a person standing still. You have no idea how inky black it can get some nights. Next tour we will have the moon which helps quite a bit.