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Date: March 28th 1916

Mar. 28th, 1916.

At present I am with my old brigade as M.O. I dont know whether I told you this before or not. I left the 14th on Mar. 19th and after lunch at the 9th Battery came over here.

The time goes very quickly as I have a ride every day either all morning or all afternoon. I just got in now from the Amm. Column where I did inoculations and had tea while the horses fed.

They "straafed" the 10th Battery yesterday and we were busy for a while and had some work to do. I never seem to have a minute to write these days. There are always men dropping in for dressings, gargles, ointments, etc. and the half day "in" is generally taken up with these.

We have had simply fierce weather for the last week. One minute it's snowing, then the wind roars and howls and the sun comes out, then it rains again. The roads are getting better largely on account of the wind.

The country here is quite pretty. A large hill around which I ride every second day is just beginning to look "springy" The hedges are budding and the grass is becoming more like grass although it's there all year round.

Michie's parcels arrive O.K. and with Aunt Hattie, Elizabeth and Hope sending cakes, we live in luxury. Will you ask Doug to send "Hudsons Bay" tobacco. I long for a tin of it for a change.

I've been down to the 10th for supper and found a parcel from Dean Gooderham containing Hudson's Bay and cigarettes. Is'nt that a funny incident, so I have my pipe going now.

You see the dressing station is in an ? and I live next door in a vacant house all by my lonesome.

I saw a sad affair on the way up from supper. It was the light shining through the ruins of a house hit yesterday by a shell. The whole end is off and bricks and timbers lying all over and still the old lady clings to her home, and the wind howls through the ruins.