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Date: May 11th 1916

May 11th, 1916.

Major McD- has been missing for three days. On Monday afternoon at about four o'clock he started for the trenches alone and no trace of him has been found since. Search parties have been out every day scouring the country and enquiries made at all dressing stations but to no avail. It has cast a gloom on the whole Battery, and even the Brigade. The only feasible solution seems that he has been hit crossing the canal or an old disused trench and fallen in. It is too bad because he is so well known and liked in spite of all his faults. He has always backed up his officers and I never knew him to do a mean act to anyone. Although he antagonized many he always fought openly and said exactly what he thought. The old men of the battery are very much out up about his disappearance and as it is now three days since last seen, I'm afraid the outlook is bad.