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Date: October 3rd 1915

Oct. 3rd, 1915.

It's Sunday night again and we are all comfortable in our old billet. I came back from the F.O.O. last night, had church and a hair cut today and have just settled own with my pipe to write letters.

The second lot are here but I have'nt seen anyone I know yet, as they are some distance from us. Tonight we are sitting indoors with our overcoats on so you can imagine it is already getting cold. A shell yesterday broke all our windows and took the tiles off part of the roof by its concussion but it was not near the house.

Everything here is very quiet and today was a real Sunday. We had a nice service this morning at the guns and almost had to take cover during the sermon as an aeroplane went over but it was British. This afternoon I inspected smoke helmets, emergency rations, identity discs and ammunitions. After that "Red's father came and went up to see Red at the F.O.O. with Tim.

Marie and her puppy "Marquis" play around the billet all day. I wish she were not in the war zone as she is such a fine youngster and will remember these awful times all her life. If we were only allowed a camera I would send you some fine pictures but we are'nt.

We had a fairly strenuous time last week, but no one hurt. I have'nt heard so many shells in the air at one time since we arrived over here. They were thick as bees, but fortunately mostly our own, a change from Ypres.