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Date: October 7th 1915

Oct. 7th, 1915.

We are'nt doing a thing these days except eat and sleep. At present I am looking forward to Saturday when "Alice" our Major comes back so that I can get away to look up the boys, (Hope's brothers) and also get a bath. Not that I really need the latter but just as a matter of routine.

We have purchased two small stoves but have'nt any stove pipe for either at present so they are'nt in use. This I believe we will be able to get in the town near here. I tried to hit a tin can both yesterday and today with my revolver but have decided that throwing it will be the only successful way. This is merely a pastime.

Razors and socks will be very welcome to the men. The Government razor is'nt a razor quite frequently, and there is nothing as quieting to the temper as a good shave.

There are 140 officers and men in the Battery, so socks sent if over this number we keep in stores for future issue when sending, dont have the boxes too large as they have to be opened and repacked if over a certain weight. I told you about this in one of my former letters.

I have'nt heard any more about my transfer since applying so am still here on the job. I borrowed an anatomy and have arranged to borrow several other books to read on medicine whether I get transferred or not. We have so much time on our hands nowadays that it will be quite worth while.