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Date: October 24th 1915

Oct. 24th, 1915.

Here it is another Sunday and all is quiet. Yesterday parcel No. 4 arrived and I've just succeeded in finishing half that chunk of candy. Perhaps not half, but certainly a big piece cause I coud'nt talk at all. I have on "the socks that Babe knitted" and they are fine. I wrote to her the other day so will have to postpone the thanks till my next letter as I must catch up with my mail. Will you thank her for me until our next. I had a letter from Billie and Dr. Wishart today. Too bad poor old Staunton has been sick or wounded. They did'nt know which apparently.

We fired a few rounds today and then had a game of indoor baseball. I am up at the guns again and we have the "local purchase" our stove, going with a biscuit tin for a pipe elbow.

All last week at the wagon line I used my Sterno stove for coffee in the morning and shaving water. There is an all day mist here nowadays and it is hard to see anything at all.

There isn't any news at all, I may get a hair cut and bath this week if I can stand the shock of both at once.

Hope sent a letter in hers from Dr. Bruce. He seemed quite cheery about the transfer although there are no signs here yet. Still as you say I must take things just as they are and consider myself lucky in having a chance to do something if it is only sitting here all day with the horses and guns.