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Date: September 21st 1915

Sept. 21st, 1915.

We have been busy of late and I have'nt had time to write many letters. The Canadian mail has been fierce lately. I have only had one letter form Babe from home for over a week.

I saw Pat the other day and he asked me t send his love. He is looking awfully well and getting almost fat.

I wrote asking when I should submit my application for transfer again and they are going to let me know. I still have hopes of it going through alright. It certainly takes a long time.

It is fine sunny weather and cool nights and we get lots to eat and smoke so we are'nt so badly off.

I use our little stove quiet often, and always carry it slung over my shoulder.

We were shooting with an aeroplane yesterday and start again in a few minutes.

The leave is going around again so that if I dont get my transfer I will at least get my leave in a couple of months.

If you want to make something Mother, you can make Ell and I each another of those flanellete pillow cases for holding underwear, socks, etc.. Mine is just about worn out and his must be too. They are the finest thing going. You might make four or five even, as I could give one to Mac and "Alice McE.