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Date: February 4th 1943

FEBRUARY 4, 1943

Dear Bernice:

As usual, just time for a line or two. I wrote you last week that we had moved to another camp. The address is still Blanding. We are still at this camp. We are certainly roughing it here. Do our own scrubbing of barracks, washing, etc.-have different duties assigned each day. Tomorrow I have the latrine. Drat the word. I hate it! Am sleeping on a bare mattress with rough scratchy woollen blankets, and you know how I like those next to me. Have snow here, and are we enjoying it-but although it is cold outside, at times inside we die with the heat and can't turn the radiators off. Then other times the heat goes off, and we about freeze. Have been wearing the flannelette pyjamas Gladys gave me at Xmas. They protect me somewhat from the blankets.

Am weary this evening. Have had a busy day at odds and ends. Had letters from Win and Helen with snaps of them in uniform. They look grand. Winnie has been dating a colonel, I hear, but he up and left her for 'furin' parts.

I am sending these snaps for you to see and keep for me. Took them in the orange grove we visited. Will write on the backs of them. Sent my camera home to Mildred, so won't be taking any more if I could.

Just filled out my income tax return and sent it on to Mildred to pay-paying ninety-three dollars. No word from Aunt Clara, so don't know how Uncle John is. Have to write Gladys now.

Went to the show last night, Shadow of a Doubt. The show was a grand spectacular performance.

My back is broken sitting on the edge of this bed. My hand aches from writing. Like the gingerbread boy, 'I'm all gone. My leg hurts, does yours?'

So, so long. Love to all, and don't worry, we only go this way but once.

Love as always, Frank

PS: Ought to say we are full ranking 2nd lieutenants now, as of December 22nd-'by Act of Congress.' So we have the corresponding pay too. Got the raise this month. Pretty swell. However we could have managed on the ninety per, and spent the rest on tanks, etc. Have to buy everything ourselves now, too. Our arms are worn out from saluting, and we have to salute our superiors also.