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Date: February 21st 1943

FEBRUARY 21, 1943

Dear Bernice:

Here we are, safe and sound in North Africa. Had a grand trip over, of which I have written in a letter aboard ship. This is a beautiful city, and we are very favorably situated-both hospital and quarters. Marble and stucco seem to be the construction of most buildings. The gardens with their flowering shrubs, climbing geraniums, etc. are gorgeous. Have not been to the shopping center yet, but I hear there are a few department stores. French is the language spoken, and I'm afraid I'm not much at that. I thought of Helen in Quebec, and her antics. However we are learning phrases. Several of our girls speak French well.

The French seem to be glad to see us here, the Germans having been before and looted everything. Such sights we have seen. The Arabs amuse us no end. Are they a dirty lot! It rained very hard today, and it was such a beautiful night last night one hardly expected it. We about perished last night, even under our army blankets. I never thought it that way in Africa. Put my wool stockings on this morning. Didn't find a Protestant church to go to this morning-they were all Catholic, I guess. Have to get ready for a meeting now, so must hie. Don't think I'm nuts as to the address (Camp Blanding), but it's still the same. No APO number yet. This is all I can write on this, but will write an ordinary letter soon. I am well and happy about the whole situation.

Love to all, Frank