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Date: April 9th 1943

APRIL 9, 1943

Dear Bernice:

Maybe it's not your fault I'm not receiving any mail-other factors may have entered into the picture. However, I've not received a scratch from anyone since coming here, except a couple of forwarded ones. I am hostess in the recreation hall tonight, chaperoning the couples. Nothing to do myself, except blow my nose-which is working overtime right now.

There isn't anything to write about after the first letter. Everything the same in the city. Had an afternoon off yesterday. Went in town, and did some shopping for three of my patients. These poor boys are so good. They take so much, and say so little. The war situation seems to be going along well, doesn't it?

We had a big dance here last week, but I didn't attend-too much fire water involved for me. They say they had a good time. Plenty of men to choose from.

It's getting much warmer here now. The sun is really hot, the nights are nice. I wrote Nellie a week or so ago. Hope she answers. I am taking French lessons now, so next time I see you I will parlez-vous you (maybe).

All for now, and it's all space permits. Will be waiting a letter soon. Put Nan on the scribbler paper-but don't shut her off as suddenly as you once did.

Love, Frank