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Date: April 17th 1943

APRIL 17, 1943

Dear Bernice:

Am off duty this a.m. I keep looking at the bed, and then at the writing case, but the writing case won out as you can see. I received both your airmail letters the same day-April fourteenth. Also one from Eva, your step-ma, and a letter from Gladys. I was giving up hope of receiving any. I wrote Eva just after I came, but she evidently didn't receive it. She sure likes her work and I am so glad.

Nothing new here. Went on a little bus trip last week-I should say about twenty-five miles or so. It seemed much the same as here. The fields were red with wild poppies. I thought of Flanders Fields. I saw some fig trees. The leaves really were about big enough to cover one. Yesterday we had quite a wind and dirt storm accompanied by millions of locusts, and I'm not exaggerating. They were all of four inches long-the like I never saw. One had to battle his way through. The Arabs eat them, and for that reason like to see them come. I hear they are blown from the desert with the wind. They don't seem to have destroyed anything.

Am wondering if you spent your Easter holidays at the mines after your most gracious invitation. You sure can get the news in a small space. Do it more often. As you said I'm on the edge, so must away.

Love, Frank