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Date: April 20th 1943

APRIL 20, 1943

Dear Nan:

'Come on away over, and I'll give you some crackers and cheese.' Sure wish I could. I am off duty this morning: the bed is calling me, a washing is calling me, but you win over all.

I had a nice letter from Eva last week. She thinks, like mostly everyone, Africa is a jungle. Quite the contrary, where I am anyway. As for excitement there isn't any. Everyone must be off the streets at an early hour. Everything closed or blacked out anyway for the duration. We have been making great gains over here, so maybe it won't be so long now.

Yesterday four of us took a nice ride. We were driven by a nice Arab boy who spoke a few words of English. We got out and picked armfuls of the loveliest wild poppies. In the distance, some fields look like a red carpet. I took them in to my ward on my way to church last night. Had another flurry of those awful locusts I mentioned in my last letter to your mother. Saw some Arab children stringing them. They eat them, and claim they are delicious. Think I had better try one so I can give first hand information?

The children here are so cute and fat. I went into one house and saw one eight days old. I just wanted to pick her up. And sitting right beside me is a new picture of my Charlie, suit, tie and all. He is darling, looks much the same. I am glad to hear you are doing well at school, also June. Write me one of your newsy letters soon. Take good care of Janis, and keep away from all those soldier boys.

Love, Frank