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Date: May 8th 1943

MAY 8, 1943

Dear Bernice:

I'm beginning to think it's the climate, or I'm blaming the climate anyway, for my laziness. I live to stretch out on my bed. Got a nice inner spring mattress last week, which makes it even more tempting. Off duty this morning. All I did was study my French lesson a little. Really need to go in town for a few things, one being to find a tailor or someone to fix a uniform dress (street). Ordered it before I left the USA. It arrived last week, and all put of proportion, or I am one or t'other. Had nice letters from Claudina and Alfretta. Ma told them to write. She sent my letters on to them. I get V-mail like this quite often from Gladys, but I don't like it. I very seldom use it. No more word from Helen or Winifred. They must have set out for 'furin' parts. Had an all-day off last week. No place much to go however. The guard let us peek through the keyhole. Looked beautiful. The grounds are lovely. Took a taxi (horse and buggy) around the seashore. It's well over a year since I came in this Army. Wonder if the next will see the finish of the war. Good news from everywhere lately. Had a little present bought for you, but found I can't send things into Canada. Sorry-will have to wait until Johnny comes marching home again. What a day that will be for all. How is the weather down there? Quite hot some days here, but nice at night. Still under a blanket.

Love, Frank