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Date: May 13th 1943

MAY 13, 1943

Dear Bernice:

I am so weary tonight, but I made a promise to myself this morning I would write you tonight. This really has been a hot day, but the French say it's nothing to what we will have. 'Woe is me,' said little sorrow. These houses are fairly cool though, and the temperature drops at night. Sometimes a sixty degree drop.

I think I told you we moved to an unfinished apartment house. It will be very nice when and if completed. Right now it is mostly cement, plaster and Arabs. We have no water-most of the time toilets won't flush, etc. etc. Such cheap plumbing. Right off it doesn't work. 'That damn pipe finish. They arta got to work and take it apart.' I'm on the fifth floor, and as usual have to climb. Have lovely big French windows, and I know you would love the way the flies come in. What a monstrous mosquito I had in my room last night. I couldn't seem to catch him on the fly, so I ducked under my mosquito netting for the duration of the night. Our clothes are in an awful mess-all white plaster. We had some soldiers who work in an American warehouse nearby make us a clothes rack. Crude as it is, it holds our clothes. They made it out of packing boxes. We are going to get some straw mats the Arabs make for the floor. They remind me of Grandma's upstairs. You will remember in Johnnie's room-ha!

Have just come from the park where we had our French lesson. Sure hot today, but my room is nice and cool. Am not going to the hospital for lunch. Will do without. Can't be bothered getting dressed, and I don't go on duty until two o'clock.

Hasn't the war news been wonderful of late? We sure mopped up over here. 'Where do we go from here, boys?' I haven't heard from Helen or Win for some time. However, had a letter from Scott this week, and she said they had been at South Station entraining for somewhere. Said she couldn't get down to see them off, but some of their friends were. They may have gone to some other camp, or else over the bounding waves. I don't feel they will be coming over here, but one never knows.

Had a letter from Clark last week, too. She was then in Florida with her patient with whom she has been for about two years. Had several V-mails from Gladys last week too.

Had big parades and celebrations here last week. Celebrating Joan of Arc, and the victory over here. I didn't see much of it as I was working in the afternoon. Had an old-fashioned hymn sing in our chapel last Wednesday night. It was good. This Saturday night we are having a party to celebrate our first year of service.

I bought an electric plate this week, so I can now have a bit of hot water when I need it.

I wish you would send me (if they turned out) one of the pictures we took while I was at home. I wonder how the one of Papa and I came out. I sent to Mildred to send me my camera and some film, so I can take a few here. She takes so long to getting around to doing anything the dear knows when I'll get it. We have to have a request slip filled out and signed by our commanding officer to have anything sent from the States. Have to guarantee that nothing more than was asked for will be sent, and it is within a certain size and weight-five pounds. Now we can have things sent us not weighing more than eight ounces without a slip. You would not be able to send anything.

All I have time for, if I could say anything more. Had many interruptions.

Love to all, Frank