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Date: July 10th 1943

JULY 10, 1943

Dear Eva:

I am on night duty right now, and it's four a.m. You know now the feeling I have about this hour. Am in the office as night supervisor. All serene tonight-hospital going along in fine form. I just now realize you may not receive this in Quebec, as your mother said you were going home on vacation the latter part of July. Wish I were going to be there too. I am glad to hear you are getting along so well, and like your work. I am quite [?]. Can have a bath in nice hot water while here on nights. Sure felt good, except I stepped in with my stockings on. Blame it on the hour if you like, but allow me to tell you they are kind of soppy.

I don't receive many letters from your mother. Gladys sends a V-mail like this quite often. Helen and Win are, or were the last time I heard, in California waiting to go somewhere. Nothing of interest to write, as I sleep all day and come on duty at six-thirty. The nights go very quickly by the time I make three tours of the wards. It's time to go again to get the morning reports, and write up mine. So here I go. Write me when you can, especially from home. Give Nan a jog, too. I do hope Nan and June passed their 'alexams'.

Love, Frank