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Date: November 7th 1943

NOVEMBER 7, 1943

Dear Zella:

I am stealing a bit of Uncle Sam's time to send this 'missile' to you. Sunday p.m. had the morning off. Got up fairly late and then went to church. Not very busy this afternoon. First, I must thank you for your nice Xmas box, although I don't know what is in it. After a few curious shakes, and much to the envy of my two roommates, I tucked it away until December 25th. Will write you again after it's opened. Swell of you to do it. I knew you would like to know if it arrived. Also the pictures of Helen and Win. I opened them, couldn't wait. Aren't they good? Win's especially-I know she would like it. Thanks for those, too. Sure would like to see the girls. Lois was disappointed they didn't arrive here, as their original unit did. They seem to be enjoying Australia and their work. We are coming along fine here, but many rumors as to our moving on, as it's only reasonable to believe we shall. Where or when is the question. The weather just suits me now, beautiful in the day and cool enough for two blankets at night. Can't see that the Arabs are putting on any more apparel though, but then how do I know what is under those sheets and rags. Xmas will soon be upon us. What a wonderful present for all if this war would only end by then. Not much more room on this paper, so I must away. Hope both you and Mr. Kempton are happy and enjoying good health. I'll bet you are enjoying your grandchild. Best wishes, and many thanks for the package.

Love, Frank