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Date: May 7th 1944

MAY 7, 1944

Dear Eva:

I haven't heard from you for so long. Nor have I written you. However, I think you are the one who owes. I never had an acknowledgment of the Xmas package, but then perhaps you didn't get it. I'm in charge of quarters (CQ, in other words) tonight. Answering the phone and calls for the gals. Somehow I don't think it will be very busy. Am off duty all day tomorrow, except I have to go over for calisthenics and a movie we have to see. I'll bet you enjoyed having your mother up. She wrote me about her trip. Laid her up for a couple of weeks. Had a letter from Gladys this week-said she was going to NS the twenty-second. How I wish I could go. Helen and Winifred have moved again-somewhere in Australia still. They are not very good about writing. Your time in training is dwindling, isn't it? I saw in a Massachusetts General paper where MGH Montreal had given them a bronze tablet on some memorable day, for friendship. One of your doctors was there to present it. It's getting quite warm here now. The flowers are lovely. I ride my bicycle quite professionally now. Go to the beach, but don't go near the water-ha! Well, my dear, I'm at the end of the paper and the end of my news-if one can call it news.

Love as ever, Frank