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Date: September 5th 1944


Dear Nan:

Thinking about you today for some reason or other. Am on duty, but about to go off at 2:00 p.m. Patients very well, and not much doing. Just whipped them up a batch of fudge. Hard time to get ingredients together. Had to make it in my mess kit, and in two instalments. This was quite good, as I had a piece of butter to put in it. Last time didn't have any but peanut butter, and greased the pan with mineral oil. They voted it the best ever, however. Wonderful war news today. Can't see how the Germans can hold out much longer. It's nice and cool today after months of dreadful heat. I enjoyed your letter very much. How about another soon? Your school, I hope, like Hitler is going according to schedule. I suppose Eva has gone back by now. You kids are all grown up now, and it makes me very sad. What are your plans for the future? Maybe it won't be so long until you can tell me your plans personally. Not getting much mail lately. Had a letter from Aunt Mary last week. Have done considerable sightseeing. Never saw so many ruins in my life. Am ready to look at some nice green quiet pasture and quietness. But, 'Where Albert goes, I go.' Am sending Janis a package soon.

Love to all, Frank.