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Date: May 7th 1945

MAY 7, 1945

Dear Bernice:

Have just addressed a birthday card to you, but guess a note is due too. V-E day and no celebration. Am wondering what goes on at home. This is the start of my twenty-seventh month overseas, too. Am in Bologna, and digging out a place to set up. It all sounds ridiculous to you, I suppose-and rightly so. The end of the European war, and us setting up. There are still a lot of casualties to be brought down, and also the German casualties too, of which there are many. No one cares especially to take care of them, but it has to be done. I was put in charge of a big officer's ward today, don't know how I will swing it.

I hated to leave Florence. Had a nice visit there. Can't say just what it is about the place that fascinates. Rome didn't intrigue me half so much. Oh, by the way, I got the silver earrings for you, but the dear only knows if they will suit. Silver, and irregular in shape, was all I had to go on. Will be able perhaps later on to get Gladys a cross she wanted, but it won't be in gold as it cannot be had over here. This pen is terrible, as you may well have guessed before this. Will tell you more another time about this building, and the shooting of the Fascists here.

Had a package yesterday from Mrs. Peabody. A large bottle of Elizabeth Arden toilet water, gumdrops, canned lobster, two cans of sardines and some crackers. Have to write her, but not with this pen I can assure you. Had a letter from Gladys this week. If our post office is functioning, I will put a ten dollar money order in for you to get flowers for Eva and June and Nan for graduation. Wish I were going to be there. I received one bond receipt a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps will get them from now on. Hope you receive Eva's ring soon.

All for now. Love to all, Frank