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Date: July 1st 1945


Dear Bernice:

This is my first night on night duty, and it's only eleven-twenty a.m.-am afraid I'm going to be sleepy. Am on the psychiatric ward, and don't know any of the patients. Have Germans and Americans, from German generals on down-even to spies. One fellow a spy or traitor-will no doubt be put to death, yet we try to build him up. It's a queer world we are living in.

Have been sort of looking for a letter from you telling me of your weddin' trip and the doings at the graduation. Had one from Winifred yesterday. They have just this month received a few Xmas packages and a can of candy I did up and sent them last September. I guess everything was in a sorry mess. It's so hot nothing keeps. They are allowed to say now where they are, that is, anyone can who is south of the equator. They are on Biok Island, just about fifty miles south of the equator. They are both 1st lieutenants now. Had also a long letter from your godmother today. She gave me a review of the story of the Christian martyr, Savonarola, who was executed in Florence. She didn't do bad on it, either.

Came back last night from a four day leave in Venice. It took half a day each way coming and going. The rest of the time, I can assure you, went all too quickly. We stayed at the most expensive hotel (in peace time) at the Lido. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor and all celebrities stayed there. It's run by the same people, but under the Army with army rations etc. We had a double room with a bath. Across the street was the Adriatic Ocean. Hired a cabin on the beach by the day. In the cabin was a chest of drawers, a cabinet to hang clothes in, a big mirror and chair; a porch on that with a table and chair, and then a big awning outside that. Also had a canvas cot and a lounging chair outside. There were hundreds of such cabins. Haven't any idea what it must have cost to stay there in peace time. We paid fifty cents a day at the hotel, and $1.20 per day for the beach cabin, plus tips. The Lido is the famous beach resort of Venice, and is quite a sail from the main city. We went to the city a couple of times. I had been there one day before, so didn't spend much time in the city. Took gondola rides and amphibious jeep rides too. Certainly a lovely place. The English have taken over lock, stock, and barrel-in fact were running the hotel where we stayed-but it was a Fifth Army rest center. We were most fortunate as I'm sure we were the last ones to be able to stay there. The next group have to stay at a smaller hotel for nurses, and a little walk from the beach. I guess the Cairo trip is off. Would like to go to Milan or Genoa next.

We are losing so many of our officers and nurses, and getting in so many new ones, that our unit is practically new. They are sent to hospitals going to the Pacific, and we get the new ones from those who are in line for going home. Our chief nurse is going this week. Sure hate to see her go, as she has been so nice to me. They say we will be going home first of September. One never knows though, and nothing counts.

Do you suppose I was on the honor roll at the hospital?

I have sent you the earrings a couple of weeks ago. Bought them in Florence, but didn't get around to sending them. I liked them.

Must get along, and check on my epileptics and jerries.

Love to all, Frank