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Date: February 15th 1946
Halifax Herald
Newspaper Article

The Halifax Herald, Feb.15, 1946

Served Overseas


Captain Frances M. Charman,
after serving four years in the
American Army Nurse Corps, has
returned from service overseas and
received discharge after an extend-
ed furlough. During her furlough
she visited friends and relatives in
Springhill, her sister, Mrs. Stewart
Barnhill in Belmont, many friends
in New Brunswick, and her sister,
Mrs. N. B. Moss in Philadelphia.

Captain Charman is the daughter
of James H. Charman, now of
Springhill but formerly of Joggins.
Her promotion to present rank mer-
its well her faithful and devoted
overseas service. She served in the
liberation of North Africa, stationed
at Casablanca and then to stations
in Naples, Rome, Florence, Leg-
horn in Italy.

Mamy Experiences

Her sight-seeing excursions took
her to St Peter's in Rome, the fam-
ous art galleries in Florence, the
buried city of Pompeii, the leaning
tower of Pisa, on gondola rides
through Venice, Ortona, through
Arab cities and markets, to the Isle
of Capri with its beautiful caves
and to the forbidding border line of
Switzerland. Here she rode high
above beautiful valleys from one
mountain to another In a trolley
car or a cable line. The same trolley
car was riddled with bullet holes
from previous German machine
Here also in the mountains was
the unique experience of holding a
snowball in one hand and picking
a sprig of blueberries with the other.
Varied and beautiful are the sou-
venirs in her collection from these
trips. Captain Charman, since re-
ceiving her discharge, will resume
her nursing at the Massachusetts
General Hospital In Boston.