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Date: February 28th 1942


Dear Mother:

I guess I have not wrote to regular lately. But the reason is that I am busy & when ever I get any time off I go out for the night.

I have a bad cold in the chest & so I am in the Hospital now. It seems that I go to the hospital quite often. I think it is the damp weather & night flying that does it. Every time I do a six or seven hour night trip I catch a cold. But I have only a couple more trips to do in this country & then I am going to the east. All Canadians are catching colds over here so I guess it is not my fault. Being in here gives me a chance to write some letters.

I suppose that everybody at home is well. You had better send me some batteries & bulbs for that flashlight as you can not get them over here.

You don't want to work too hard this spring as you generally do. It would be better no to raise any chicks. The English farmer over here gets $4.00 a [?] for wheat. They have been ploughing all winter over here. Their one horse carts certainly look [?] Well I must say good-bye but do no forget to send me some chocolate bars & some of them cream biscuits are very good. I do no know what it will be like out there. I have received the cigarettes all O.K.