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Date: March 27th 1942

Morton in Marsh

Dear Mother:

Well I guess you might of expected me out in the Middle East by now but I am not & it is a long story. I have had my second term in the Hospital now. This weather certainly does not agree with me. I have has three doses of influenza now. The first time I just kept [?] around but that was no good. So ever since I have gone to the Hospital when ever I don't feel well. So while in the Hospital this time I was replaced in crew and the crew that I had trained with and was taken to the middle east have now gone and I am left behind,

They were a good bunch of fellows and we had a lot of fun together. But I think I was in no shape to take such a long trip. Just now I do not know what is in store for me. But one thing sure I will have to go through training again with a new crew & that will take a couple of months. Just now I am on indefinite leave so to get fit again.

There is nothing wrong with me only thing is that I catch cold when I fly at night and that holds up everybody & so upsets the applecart. I myself am having a real good time while it lasts & am hoping it will last for a good while yet.

They have had me x-rayed and can not find anything wrong with me. So I am setting on top of the world so to speak. I may be sent to a new station and not go east at all but I do not care.

I have quite a few hours on Wellingtons now and I hope to stay on them. I am a trained man but I have no crew & so I have nothing to worry about.

I received some Chocolates from Mrs Jennett & Orma when I was in the Hospital the last time and it was a good treat. It is the first Chocolates that girls in there had seen for two years & so I shared them with everybody.

Aunt Agnes also sent me some cigarettes so I will write her a letter to-morrow but I will not tell her the same story that I have told you about over here.

Well I hope you are feeling O.K. and that you are not working too hard. I guess the rest [?] be well too I hope so anyway. I do not keep track of what letters I answer from home I just write to anybody. I got two from Wilfred this week. There is a fellow here from Meaford who is a nephew of Joe Tiffon of Colville. Well I will write when my leave is up & I have to go to work until then I will be busy. So long for now.