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Date: November 21st 1915

November 21st -15
Somewhere in Belgium

Dear Louise
This is Sunday night and most of the others are out on a work party. But I have a day off for a wonder. The other two fellows who are in the tent are both writing so I will do the same. We are much more comfortable in the tents. It is getting pretty cold now, not frosty like you are getting it there, but still cold all the same. We have an old pail with holes punched all over which we fill with coal or coke & it makes it cosy enough. Then we have had almost three days without any rain. I hav'nt heard from you for what seems like a long time, it takes so long to get a letter from Canada & if one happens to go astray (somewhere) it makes it bad. I got a card from you about Oct 18th a Jasper park scene. Did you get the card I sent a few days ago. They say it is pretty cold back there so I imagine you are having some swell time over there now. Lois must be getting to be a crack shot now, eh? Eddie had a letter from Mrs. Reed last week full of all most interesting news. Among other things she said that babies seem to grow on every bush out there. It is getting kind of cold in here as Eddie is outside swinging the pail of coke to make it burn. Oh this is a sweet life. Sunday night & the sound of artillery & machine guns, so different to the old sunday nights. My thoughts are wandering back home now, in fact they are seldom anywhere else. The fire has gone right out & Boone is using language which wouldn't hardly do for H. B. Sunday School. By-the-way do you still have a nice S.S. class. Its so long since I went to church that I almost forgot what its like. Indeed Louise I'm afraid I'm getting to be quite a tough & a heavy smoker. Now you won't write anymore after that. But to go back to the old subject, you would be just about in church now & pretty soon Nelson will come driving along with the rig (lucky kid). May and Lois must find it very lonesome now especially the latter. There doesn't seem to be much prospects of getting back for quite awhile, although we have the Germans beaten along this line. We get boxes here from England most of the time one or other of us in the tent & there is nine but one is in the hospital now so that leaves eight. Do you ever hear anything of Geo Crane. Remember me to all friends including "Bessie". I think this is all I know for now. If is not cheerful enough please excuse it and write soon to your sincere friend