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Date: September 10th 1917

France Monday September 10, 1917 My Dearest Mamma, I haven't been able to write you for about 12 days as we have been on the move, and went into action for the first time on [?] 1917. Am writing this in the gun pit on my knee. Our gun pit is the best one of the 6. We have very good dug outs, about 30 feet deep, which we lose no time in getting into when the enemy start their dirty work. We spent about an hour in the dugout yesterday while Fritz was dropping them within 50 yards of us. So far there have been no casualties in this Battery. It seems quite funny to be living below the surface all the time. There's one long communication trench that connects up all the guns etc. Our sleeping accommodations, in the dugouts, is very much better than at the wagon lines, where the horses are kept.. We go back there for a rest after being on duty up here for a couple of weeks. Our meals are just as regular as at Whitley, and everything is better than we expected. I heard from Herbert last week, but no word of Norman yet, he must be in England , now. I was on guard at 9 PM which must been 3 PM in Barbados on Sept. 4th, and thought of all that must have been going on. Hope to get full account of it. I can't write very much news as it's not allowed, ( what I'd like to say) only that I never felt in better health and that means a lot, as we get very little sleep as that's the time one knows there's a war on. ( Enemy shelling at nite). Lots of Love and kisses from your affectionate son, Bertie