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Date: July 26th 1900
C. Witherden
J.C. Walker


J.C. Walker is Ready to Do or Die For His Country

J.C. Walker, who is a member of the Strathcona Horse in South Africa, writes from Cape Town under the date of April 16 to Mr. C. Witherden, of Dunwich, as follows:

"We arrived here a week ago and went into camp the next day. We had a pleasant voyage, but lost 160 head of horses. We were to have gone to Kimberley this week and help to relieve Mafeking, and thence on to Pretoria, but unfortunately glanders has broken out among our horses and unless we can get new mounts we may be here six weeks. I think Strathcona's influence will get us to the front in time, for it is an understood thing we have to do or die. We can do both, if necessary. You need not expect many letters from me as we are very busy from 5 a.m. until dark, and besides I have to go on sentry two nights a week. This is a beautiful place but strongly pro-Boer, as there are so many Dutch and Jews here. Our boys are getting into scraps with them. Our favorite amusement is to get around them, make them take of their hats and sing "God Save the Queen," give them a good kick and let them go."