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Date: January 23rd 1942

Morton in Marsh Jan 23/42 Dear Norma I received your box OK and it suited my fine. I do not know why you send me writing paper as one sheet would do to write all on it that I know. I am still doing as little as ever but much more than most. We had a falling of snow here this week. It is about two feet deep. It is just a little above freezing one day & thawing the next day. I have been issued with a pair of rubber boots & that is what we wear, we look good in them. I have had to shovel snow off the runway for two days now. I dont shovel much but it is very cold standing out there. I have not flown for a fortnight now & I am still here in this place yet. I hope they soon move me from here as it is a hell of a place even the Englishmen dont like it here & it has to be bad for that. All of out water pipes are frozen up to make matters worse & have been for some time because there is no heat in the wash room. Margaret sent me a Christmas card & note in side so tell her that I was glad to hear from her but I am too lazy to write as there is not much that I could tell her. I guess you give her the news of the place we live in. I have a post office account over here. It is better than carrying money on you. I am a little better off now as I have been successful in a few games lately so I have a little stake saved up for when I get my fourteen days before I go east. The number of the account is 5359 I can see that your writing & etc is getting much better now. I guess I will be able to read it by midsummer if you keep on improving. They are playing the sames tunes on the radio over here that I heard in Canada two years ago. The people like American music best of all. The Germans broadcast American tunes & songs over the air & you listen to them & then they will stop & start shooting the news in English. Well I must close now & hope everybody is well & feeling warm. Cheerio, Laurance