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Date: July 11th 1862

July 11th 1862

My Dear Mamma
I suppose Rhoda and Libby made you conversant with all the details and particulars of our smuggling expedition across the Bridge on Friday. It went off very well and I might have carried the cloth across the Bridge in my Carpet Bag as well and saved 50 cents for did not see a Customs House Officer the whole time and might have smuggled a thousand dollars worth without detection. Well after they left me in about an hour the express started for this place and I on board, passage $2.19, got to Rochester about half past seven, stopped half an hour for supper and got to Newark at half past nine. The town is situated about a mile from the station. By the time I got into town, I found that it was too late for to see Mr. Smith that night so I had to put up at the Hotel which with breakfast in the morning cost 50 cents. Well after that I called over and saw Mr. S. Luckily he did not ask about driving? certificate although he may do so yet. Mr. S. seems to be a nice sort of a man and has a nice store sells drugs stationery and fancy goods. There is a clerk with him now but if I stop he leaves in a fortnight or so. I was in the store all day yesterday finding out the places of things. I do not Board with Mr. S. He found me a Boarding place in private house kept by a Mr. Filkins Regular Yankees of course. Newark is not so large a place as I had fancied it would be but it is a very pretty one. Trees in all the streets and all in full leaf. But I shall be able to tell you more about it when I next write. I hope Papa is quite well by this time. The next thing after my getting the cloth here is to get my clothes made. The coat especially I must have to go to church with next Sunday and I have only $4.00 or so left and everything is very dear here. My boots also need repairing and I have nothing to put on in the mean time. If Pap can spare five or six dollars more out of this quarter and sent it to methis week I think it would be last I would need to ask from you. I shall take the cloth to the tailor tomorrow and get him to make them at all events for I cannot go to church in the same linen coat that I wear in the shop. Mr. Smith goes to Episcopal Church and offered me a seating in hiw pew which I accepted but of course could not go today. I dined with him later however in * he has a beautiful little house furnished in tip-top style about quarter of a mile from the business part of the town. I hope you and Papa will forgive me for speaking rudely if I did so it was on account of my bad temper not that I meant anything by it and I was sorry for it ten minutes afterwards. Hoping for an answer by return of post.
I remain

Your affectionate Son
Donald M. Forbes.

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