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Date: July 24th 1863

July 24, 1863

My dear Mamma,

I have just received yours of the 22nd enclosing $6.00 which I am very thankful for if the Canada money was only worth 40 cents premium now as it used to be I would have enough but I can only get 12 for it now it has been coming down ever since the Union Victories at Gettysburg, however, I know Papa sent me all he could spare at present and I must make it work some how. I agree with you that 9 dollars is too much for making a suit of clothes, but things are double the price that they used to be they say. I shall have to have a new hat and boots some time soon but I will wait. I think the suit I have at home will do me for the shop next fall and winter. I expect you may as well get a trunk ready to send with the remainder of my clothes. Do not send me my old trunk. I do not think it would last the journey. I will be able to tell you in my * I think whether to send it on or not. So Rhoda has been confirmed. I attended the Episcopal Church here last Sunday tho church and congregation is not very large but very aristocratic. They draft in * for this county today. Those who are drafted have to go on ten days notice or pay three hundred dollars which will exempt them from that draft only. They may draft in a month or so again. But if they furnish a substitute they are not liable under any subsequent draft. I could easily get 4 or 5 hundred to go as substitute from some that will be drafted if I wanted to but I do not think I shall this time. I hope you enjoyed your ride to St. Catherines. I have not much to say only that I think I shall stay here. I will conclude with many thanks, and love to Rhoda, Papa and yourself

I remain
Your affectionate son,
Donald M. Forbes

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