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Date: August 6th 1863

August 6, 1863

My Dear Mamma

I got Papa's letter and my trunk about the same time the day before yesterday, with the two dollars which he enclosed. Did the Express Agent at the Bridge tell Papa that the charges on the trunk would be one dollar because I will just tell you what they charged me. The charges on it were just two dollars and ten cents when it got here I think and so does Mr. Smith that such charges are excessive. Why I could come from the bridge here and bring my trunk with me for $2.19, however I paid I because I could not help myself. Nothing of any consequence has happened here since I wrote except hat I and Mr. & Mrs. Smith have made a bargain and I am to stay on at 75 cents a day wages, very good wages if I was in Canada but everything is tremendously high here. However I think I shall do very comfortably on it. Write soon and give me all the news. In the meantime, I will say good bye with love to Papa and Rhoda and yourself

I remain
Your affectionate son
Donald M. Forbes