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Date: August 24th 1863

Aug 24, 1863

My Dear Mamma,

I was beginning to weary for a letter when I got your last. You are all going on as usual you say. I often wonder what you & Johnny Bull's are getting along while I am off among the Yankees. Since I wrote you last, they have drafted this country. They took one man out of every 5 between the ages of 20 and 35 or around aged 45 single. They took about 140 from this place but only 2 or 3 of them go to war. Some of them get exempt from physical disability and the rest pay their $300 which clears them from this draft. The man I board with drew a prize and paid , but those that have no money have to go which makes the law seem rather unjust to many. You say you had a picnic to the falls. Did you enjoy yourselves much. You say also that George Harvey is staying with Leonard. Has he left [?]. I sleep at the shop and board at a private boarding house. My board costs me 20 shillings a week just half my wages. I have bought a new pair of boots since I [?] cost $6.50 and a hat cost $2,00 every thing costs like sixty. I like the people very well have been so one party and enjoyed myself [?] first rate. We get the Rochester papers here night and morning. I see in tonight's paper the Steamer Zimmerman was burned at Niagara the other day. I suppose you know all about it. How did it happen. The paper says there was two men burned to death with her. Harvey got a situation yet. I [?] wrote to Mr. Smith for to get him this situation but he couldn't come it. Tommy wouldn't wait him. This was before I came. Mrs. Peabody is an old friend of Smith's. I suppose that how to round out about this [?] place. Mr. Smith went to Buffalo a few days ago and stayed a night. I believe he saw Tommy but did not have time to say much to him. I told him when he left if he way him to give him my complements. Has Buyers got his wheat off the field all right or did they have a [?] with Pappa. Write soon and give me all the news you can [?] off and in the mean time,

I remain Your affectionate son,
Donald M. Forbes.

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