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Date: February 10th 1864
Dr. Forbes
J. Moreau Smith

Newark Wayne Co. N.Y.
Feb 12 1864

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 10th is before me. The first I heard from your son after he left me was from Schenectady. He wrote that he had enlisted in Buffalo was taken then to be mustered in for that County. [?] the local bounty 300 dollars, but had been decided [?] complain that they would not give him a furlough to come home as they promised. I [?] immediately [?] wrote Dr. Vosbury, The Surgeon of the 111 Regiment requesting him to have him order on at once. I also advised your son to look out for his bounty. I had warned him several times before he left on the same point. I could hardly believe that he would enlist without consulting his friends and make sure he was all right.
I enclose his last letter from Elinora which is the last I have heard from him. It will give his address.
Your son conducted himself well whilst in my employ. My business would not warrant my keeping two clerks, and he had not quite the experience to do all I required of one so far as he knew he did well. This however I did not tell him or insinuate to him I should not want him but designed to procure another situation for him if I could. He is inexperienced and wants some one to look after him. I believe he will do well with Dr. Vosburg if he succeeds in getting the position promised. His trunk and clothes are here no orders to send them out may hear soon.

Yours most respect. J. Moreau Smith.