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Date: April 13th 1864

Camp Dumpling Mountain PA
April 13, 1864

Dear Mamma

Your welcome letter reached me yesterday. It was delayed several days on the road; the bridge over the Rappahannock was carried away the last storm we had, and consequently we had no mail for several days. I am getting along first rate so far and have not a doubt of coming out all right with a vast amount of experience. We expect to move every day. The Settlers are all to leave the Army this week and everything indicates an early opening of the Campaign. The regiment drills every day for 5 hours. We have about 400 new recruits all from Wayne and Cayuga Co. N.Y. S. and of course being nearly all * need considerable drill. There has nothing happened to disturb the monotony of our lives once in a while and give themselves up and I do not see where Lee is going to get men to recruit his army for the summer campaign while our army is constantly receiving additions. I suppose you know Gen. Grant commands this army now as well as the Army of the Cumberland. Hope he will prove himself a talented commander. His headquarters are at Culpepper about 7 miles from our encampment. I have not been there as it is impossible to go far without a paper signed by the Corps Commander and of course I cannot get that. We are to have a Grand Review soon and I will give you a description of it next time I write. I am glad to hear that you are all well and I hope happy. So Rhoda enjoyed her visit to Galt. I am glad of it. I heard recently from the Dally boys in Hamilton. But I must close as the Bugle sounds to extinguish lights. With love to Papa and Rhoda and yourself.

I remain, my dear Mamma,
Your affectionate son,
Donald M. Forbes

P.S. I send you my likeness. I could not get a photograph here. [?] your next. 1st invasion as we are transferred it that now the best the same. You will think this very short Dear Mamma but I hope to do better next time. DMF