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Date: May 20th 1917
Don (Jack)

France May 20th /17

I am receiving your letters O.K. now. Don.
I have not rec'd my letter from Balva yet.

My Loving sister ÷

Thanks for your parcel, which I received all O.K. today. I rec'd your letter yesterday telling me of it, and the parcel today, so you see I did not have to wait very long in expectation of it. My chums and I, all enjoyed the contents very much, especially the maple sugar. It is queer that I never yet rec'd the parcel which was sent me from Kingston. I am sorry because Auntie will be so disappointed at my not getting it. Next thursday is the 24th of May. I wish I could be over there in Canada to celebrate the occasion. There are always such good times to be had on that day. I am still in the best of health, and am coming on fine. We are also having grand weather. I suppose it is lovely out there too about now. The trees are all leaved out here, and the ground green with grass, that is where the shell holes are not too thick. After this I am not going to write a letter very often. I will drop you a card often though. It tells you I am well, and as that is about all we're allowed to tell about ourselves lately, that will answer the purpose alright. I wish you would address my letters "signaller" as it gets mixed with others mail when not addressed that way. I am chewing your spearmint gum to beat "four of a kind" right now. Between that and a game of chess going on at my elbow I can't think of much to write about. I sent you a piece of german money some time ago in a green envelope I hope you got it all O.K. please let me know if you did. My girl in Prince Albert is alright now and wrote telling how sorry she was to have thought wrongly of me. I also sent her one of the same kind. Well I'll ring off for now. please write often to Your own XXXXXXX Don

Give my love to all at home.

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Original Scans