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Date: April 2nd 1917

My dear boy Jim
Just a few lines to let you know we are all well thank God. I hope you are feeling better. I often wonder is your arm on or off. I know you would feel very bad if is is gone. I would feel very sorry for your sake. They will be many a one like you and some a great deal worse after this terrible war. Aint it awful to see poor christians slaughtered like they are. I feel so thankful that you are spared. I am living in hopes to see you again. It is nice you got in a place where the Sisters are so good and kind to you. Since a little while we are having a letter once a week from you. We where a long time without writing after you where wounded. We did not know where to address your letters to. We are having pretty fine weather now the snow is nearly all gone it looks as if we could soon do some farming. We are not a big strong looking crowd for whats to be done. Ben will have to sale his [?]. Martin is in Springfield. He never says wither he is coming home or not. We have seven lambs. Bernard takes great company out of them. One of them he calls it monkey rose and another he call Billy Bumps. We have you old ewe yet. She have two nice lambs this year. When I tells Ben to write you he says he have nothing to write. I tells him if you where here he would have plenty to say and why dont he write some of it. You where a good boy to write us the day after you where wounded. You poor soul I dont know how you did it and I know you must of been suffering agony with your arm. I said the thirty days prayer every day since I heard you where wounded that you woulden loose your arm or die from the effects of it if it was pleasing to God. What a large list of killed and wounded do be in the papers now. I often hear from [?] and Ronald they lived through the frosty winter they say they are well and happy and lots of hard work. I had sent you a couple of parcels about a week before you where wounded I suppose you never got them. I do a good lot of knitting for the red cross. They tell one they send them to our N.S. boys I hope you get some. Woulden I love to have you home. We are so lonely here but we are all happy when our family ainte a worry to us. I [?] you have a priest handy that you are going to confession. Well Jim I find it hard to think of news to write you. The best news we are well. I will close with God bless and protect you Jim that we may meet again. You loving mother.
I nearly forgot to wish you many happy returns of your birthday which is the 23rd of April. You come one fine morning when the little birds where singing.