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Date: January 17th 1919

Dearest Gerald
This has been a red letter week for us, two letters from you, one on Sunday to Ella which Ross McDonald brought, another on Monday to Ollie and one to me from Bob thanking me for his Christmas box, and now this afternoon such a nice letter to Ollie from Albert Gallant which she was very pleased to get when she came in from work. It was very nice of him and he certainly writes a good letter. He says he hopes to be able to call and see us sometime and you can tell him we hope so too and will be very glad to see him. Perhaps the ship bearing the 85th will land at Sydney, who knows & wouldn't it be great. Your letters as usual are great, I'm never tired telling you that. You let us trace your wanderings and I do hope you didn't have to stay very long at that fearful [?]uppage place, I see Gallants letter is written from the same place. Glad you got another box dear, did you get the one with the pound of butter. Sent one the first of this week with cake, pickles, can of meat and a little book Ollie sent you, "Dear Mable". I know you will enjoy it. I read it out loud at one sitting the evening before we sent it to you and we all laughed over it. Ollie has gone to the rink and I only have time for a few lines tonight, will send a better one next week. Saw Bob Young's wife the other day and her twelve days old baby. They had just arrived that morning. Such an ordeal for the poor thing to be through. She seems very nice and I rather liked her. Her mother in law says she is a beautiful singer and has hopes of her going in the choir. She said to me, "Perhaps Gerald will be bringing home a wife to Mrs Liscombe". She said it as though she thought I would be particularly pleased. I couldn't very well say, "I hope not," with the young woman sitting there, so I just said, "I dont think he has much time or chance to select on", which I guess is perfectly true. Have not seen Colin [?]'s wife yet, I told you she is a Catholic. Uncle Fred leaves Sunday night on a two weeks trip to New York, hope he wont get run off the track as the trains are continually [?] lately. I'm sorry my letter is so short this time but I can't bear to let a mail pass without a scratch of some kind. Take good care of yourself dear boy and expect a better letter next week. I wish we could make our letters as interesting as yours are. Love from everybody and Ollie said to remember her to Mr. Gallant and tell him how much she enjoyed his letter.
Good night dear