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Date: August 26th 1917

Dear Mother
Received another box and letter from you yesterday. We're going out again tomorrow for three days. [?] this is awful staying here so long. Am beginning to like the Kilts better now they are easier to march in and a better dress than those old drawers we used to have. You cant guess who was here yesterday [?] in. Yes Ed. McLeod was to see me, he is down at Bran[?] now in training.
It is raining nearly every day, something like the weather last fall when we landed.

Never heard from George Mc[?] yet, or any of the boys that just went over.

How are the young stuff? did Leila and Jack get back yet? I suppose you'll take Fred & Bess down north with you.

There is nothing going on here but lots of chill.

Johnie McIntyre and George Roberts were here last week, but did not see him because the Brigade was out for three days; only a few of our fellows were left in to look after our lines and one of these said Johnie was asking for me. You can imagine my disappointment. The 36th fellows are all getting [?] now. One of their Sargents was here to-day. I asked about Frank he said he was fine. Perhaps Frankie will come soon.

There will be a big crop of all kinds of stuff here this year. Remember in the spring they used to plow night and day, at night using big tractors with powerful flash lights.

We sent a card [?] mail as I wont have time to get a letter in the mail for we wont be back until Wednesday night. I believe the Edgeworth tobacco is a little better than Prince Albert now. Thanks for the big tin.

Think some of our mail must have been sunk, some boys got boxes that were soaken wet with salt water and a slip pasted on saying damage[?] enroute.

Enclosed is a snap George and I had taken the other day. Did you ever think you would see your spud artist in skirts? Am sending both kind. That one of me standing up will surely give you a shock. Dont I pose like a big calf? Have to can this up now, Love to Father and the crush.
Yours, Alex