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Date: October 15th 1916

Oct 15 1916
Kent, England

Dear mother

We have arrive in camp it is at Shorncliffe. We had a good trip no rough weather at all and the was not many got sick but it was enough to make a dog sick the stuff the fed us or tried to it was rotton meat sea green tea eggs with chicken in them butter with no salt in it maggets in the soup other was it could not be better we had good places to sleep and it was smooth all the way over. no storms at all There was one battle cruiser with three ship show how scared the ar of subs, we were on the boat 10 day and 9 of the we couldn't see land so I gues you'll no we were glad when seen the coast of Irland and say there is some little torpedoe boat destor[?] alonang[?] there that go through the water fast as a train I pity and submarine that can poking[?] around them cause the go like a blood hounds Say I wish Jack could see the street cars hear he was going to to[?] the one in Tronto for watch[?] jobs[?]. I guess he'd tha[?] take these one for ear ring's and the train here[?] are about the size of that little 11/2 h.p. of Mr Guleys The bigest stuff they have here is money penny two ounce so if a fellow has 8 penny thats 16[?] cent he has a good load.[?] I like it fine over here we get better grub then we did in Canada. thougth I wouldn't life in this[?] country for anything I mean I like soldiering better not the country this don't seem much consitoring[?] it was ten day since I wrote last but it all I can[?] think of.

My adress is

Pte W.H.Bell.
10 platoon 151st btn.
Atthd-to A Coy 9 res btn
St Martins Camp
Shorncliffe, Kent

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