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Date: December 15th 1916

France Dec 15, 1916
Dear Sister

I got you letter all ok and am sorry I didn't write you sooner but I can't write to every one at once so when one of you get a letter pass it around I will write as often as possibe but don't expect to many cause news is hard to get then you only allowed to say think certain things

I guess you must be have a a regular hill of time with all the churches suppers and dances and birthday partys if you has any candies and anything like that left over as some of these hullabl[?] remember I like them but don't make a parcel over 7 lbs if there more than that send too and if you ain't got enough to make up the second one put in a packets of cigarettes even is it is agianst your religoin it make mine mouth water to read all about the loads of goodies to eat You must sure be having fine weather of there pretty bad I guess by what you say in the letter but I bet and thing it aint a bit worst than it is here raining an not the mist and it never freezes up and is allways cloudy and snows a little once and a while to just to make it fine and it never drys up

I see in the paper the talk of peace but its to good to come true. But if we get old Kiaser Bills goat we will probably be able to do some thing but we should worry if last another year we doing our best to stop it.

Well I gues youd like to know where[?] I am but to tell the truth I don't know my self and where we came from and what we're doing and when were going to the trenches again I aint allowed to tell any of these so you know how hard it is to write

Ted Barber says him and Jack are going to the bush this fall wish I was going with them I guess I will be able to go next winter if this blinken war is over it can't last for ever. I don't mind fighting for my country but I don't want to fight all my life. I hope Ted has for got all about inlist It might do him good to fight for his country but still if my advice is any good to him he won't inlist. But even wise as I am I guess he wont listen to me I know a year ago I wont listen to any one Well I guess I have run out of new after this don't quit cause you think its time write tell you have run out of news. Wishing you a Merry Xmas I remain you brother Bill

My address is Pte W H Bell
50 batt. Inf

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