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Date: March 22nd 1919

Grand Rosiere
March 22nd - 19

Dear Smith:

Am just going to drop you a line tonight to help pass away the time - which by the way is d__ of a problem round here. I have just partaken of that most old & established Army supper of which you are well acquainted - Jam, cheese & bread! It sure fills a man up when he is thinking of beef steak & onions doesn't it?

Had a letter from John a couple of days ago dated the 17th of March from S. Havre he expected to go to England in a couple of days. Seems kind of a raw deal on the old timers out here having to let all these d__ conscripts go ahead of us. The second Div. goes next then the fourth & after them the Corps Troop. We have just as many old men & originals in the Corps Troop as 1st or any other Division. That is what caused the riots in Wales.

I hope you are learning to "love" those little half-breeds & chinamen that attend your school - thy must be (?) bunch to impart knowledge to!

How are you getting along with that "Jane" in Victoria you are writing to. Seems funny how news travels, but I went to school in that berg for three years so I know all kinds of them - a little bird from whispered this to me.

We handed in all our harness yesterday & I was certainly glad to see it go, will be happier still when I see the end of our long eared friends - at least I don't think any of the boys will break their hearts over leaving them.

We had a great time up in Germany - that is as good as one can have in this man's army - the trip up was rotten but when we got there we sure made ourselves at home. There was a pretty little blond dame in my billet & she sure was a peach - for the odd bar of chocolate a man was well away with them. - This one would do all my mending & ect. ect.

Well I guess I had better quit as there is a card game starting up.

Best regards


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