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Date: March 28th 1917

Witley Camp

March 28th

My Dear Mother:

I received a lot of mail from home today, two letters from Papa & your parcel & letter, my but it I enjoyed the eats Mamma you know it goes so good over here in this starved out berg - the parcel I received you sent on Feb. 28th - the one with the maple syrup in it have not got the other one yet. I guess it is at the bottom of the drink. Everything was in perfect condition & I sure did enjoy the cherries. Well this is all the paper I have, & I have no cloths except what I stand up in as we are on draft now - still in quarintine but I guess they will lift it when they want us. I managed to keep that good underwear you sent me & I have your shirt on me the rest were handed in, - have a pr. of socks in my mess-tin (take them out when I eat) a pr. in each pocket of my overcoat & a pr. in each nose bag for my mules, down at the stable, I had to give the rest away to some of the boys who had room for them. Am taking my big boots instead of army ones as I do not like the puttees, we have our steel helmets now & our bandoliers loaded & believe me they are heavy. I guess that trip Papa spoke of in his letter was a bivouac I was on I wrote you when we were leaving but I guess you never got it. I glad your chickens are going good this year & I hope the incubator proves a success.

Aunt Em sent me a pr. of socks, soap, cocoa, & it was done up in one of the socks which made a regular Xmas stocking out of it the boys thought it was an awful funning looking parcel. I got none from Mrs. Tinghy, but Mrs. Moore sent me a lovely one a nice big turkish towel (which I had to give away as I have no room) candy, soap, a musical top (which the boys had great fun with) & a little Xmas tree (kind of foolish) Mrs. Shepherd sent me a $5 bill & told me to have Christmas dinner on it! Very nice of her & I wrote & thanked her, & I have not received the Sutherland's parcel yet. I am glad you are going to write Helen Blyth as the is a real nice girl & I like her very much. I got lovely long letter from her tonight. She writes almost every week & sends me papers & a lovely parcel, everything was useful to a fellow out here she seems to know what we need - you know usually the girls send a lot of candy & ect.

You know Papa called me little runt about a year ago, one day; but I wonder if he would take it back now, as I have grown like the D- lately. I stand 5 ft. 11 in my bare feet & weight over 160 lbs. I wonder how big he wants me to be.

Well Mamma the boys are making a duce of a row tonight & I cannot write you know we are all on edge about getting away. Now do not expect too many letters from for a few days as I do not know where we will be inside of the next few days.

With love for all

from Bill

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