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Date: January 25th 1917

France Jan 25, 1917
Dear mother,

I just received your letter asking is I had a good time Xmas or not I guess you know what kind of a time I had I kind[?] glad you had such a good time it make me love home better evertime I her from you I think we'll all be home for Xmas next year You say you wish I had be the to help at the big gobbler well you did not wish it half as bad as I did.

You siad Loyd East was home well if he was come to Innisfree get him to tell Ted what it is like in the trenches

So Bob B[?] got marry{?] did he Joe Hill[?] about our only batcholer left and Charly Flyn[?] in the home guard will tell him for me to stay in them don't try and get over here cause this is the worst place in the world. it not only the risk but muck and cold is worst of course if there was no bullets flying a fellow wouldn't have to get so wet its not only fighting we do here we're working all the time and have little time to our self I got f Xmas boxes and they sure went good to you know we never got no cake or that stuff here and I wouldn't mind if you would send me a few more sock and home made candy.

It was to bad about Car[?] Thomspon[?] she was a nice girl too have you hear any more about Abbit [?] maggie[?] I guess that all I can write tonight hoping you are all well. Bill

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Original Scans