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Date: February 4th 1917

France Feb 4, 1917

Dear Brother

I recieved your very welcome letter and was glad to here from you you fellow must be having a hell of a good time there with all those party and concert I guess Ted will be saying there Bill in France kill in botches and me still here having a good time but he is crazy if he don't stay at home till he is old enough to go There is no telling you not to listen to him cause I know you have more cents than I have

I suppose you would like to know something about France well it just a bunch of trenches and blown up town and mud when it is not frozen up it cold as the deuce here now and has been for a long whille and the night are about 30 hour long in the front line and about 3 when you are sleeping as far as the hun are consert I don't mind them much as he stay in his on trench and I can keep my head low enough so his old sniper cant get an aim on my bean cause they never miss I just had super and am about ran out of news.

Say tell mother to send me some more socks and Lucy to make me about 5 pound of home made cand and Alice cand sent me a but specly the socks Well I don't blame Bert for saying that germany can have france cause it sure aint worth much Well I am about ran out of new so I will ring of for this time.

Pte W.H.Bell

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Original Scans