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Date: September 10th 1916
Bill Calder


Sat.- Sept 10th 1916

My Dear Mamma:

Well it is 3 P.M. now & we are leaving here at 6 P.M. for Halifax or Quebec do no know which except that we are going at last, all our kit-bags are at the station now & we have just finished our work. I am very sorry to tell you that Jeff is not coming he could not pass the final overseas medical exam & is being put into the Royal Horse Artillery (regulars) here a depot battery from Kingston. He was before a medical board the day before yesterday & the results came in today. Our Col & doctor signed & wrote a letter to the R.H.A. commandant asking him to transfer him back to the 65th depot battery at Vancouver as he did not have the time to see about it himself before he went tonight. - So I guess if all goes well you will see poor Jeff back in Ashcroft soon. It was his swollen neck that fixed him to not his heart - so do not try to B.S. me any more that (?) neck is only a "Development due to singing". I am not allowed to post this letter but will drop it off the train to a Civilian at Pembroke our own C. P. does not care only the Camp Comm. Col. Le Roye will not let them through till we are in England.

I will write a line on the train very likely tomorrow or the next day to let you know how things are getting on & then it is good-bye till I get Eng. if all goes well.

Bob Barlow left last night (62nd bat of 15th brig.) & so did the 14 Brig. Artillery ten batterys all told all bound for Eng. I guess we will be on the same troop ships.

Well I will close now as I have a few letters to write (shorter than this one believe me) & any time will soon be up.
With love & best wishes

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