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Date: August 24th 1916
Bill Calder

Ashcroft BC

Thursday Aug.24.1916

My dear boy.-

We were so glad to get your nice letter with (?) type of yourself enclosed. It is awfully like you Bill, and you do look so happy and well. I think that you have grown bigger - and your letter was so interesting, and has made me feel, happy and almost gay - I felt almost certain that you never said anything of the kind to Arthur, but wanted to know from yourself - I have always that confidence in you dear that you will tell the truth at any cost. I was sorry not to be able to get you any more ginger - I wanted to send you some with socks yesterday, but there is not a speck in town - all these English goods are getting harder to procure. I hope socks & cake will reach you before you sail. I feel happier now about your sailing since I know that Mr. Finlayson will see you & Aunt Mertie too - if they will let her see you. Mr. Finlayson will will get all information and phone Aunt Mertie - Don't get into any trouble about telegraphing dear - saw yesterday a big photo of your section with Ethel Shell & a middling sized one of boys at mess - I see you in mess one but not in other. & a banner seems such foolish things to spend his money on -

You are quite right dear about the boys that are not going to do their share in this awful struggle - They will be despised the rest of their lives - It is hard for me to speak to them - (?) - Bill dear we wouldn't have you not go - hard as it is to let you go - we wouldn't have you stay -

Good bye dearie. This morning, Papa is writing and will give you all the new - He got tired in Town waiting for me to get through at Red Cross. It is hard on him hanging around - but I like to have him come with me -

Love and hugs

from Your loving


Dear Billy boy.-

Am sending you two more snaps. I have already sent Pauline & Mrs. Tingley theirs. Sent them one each of you by "(?)" & the groupe. Sent your haversack yesterday - John took it in & posted it. (?) it will reach you 6 15 - If one only knew how glad we are to get your letters, and appreciate them very much, for we know tired you must be. Am glad you sleep so well. I always think of you when I am getting into my nice bed and my (?) kind of goes against one, thinking how you would like some of it. We wish you could have it. Papa will say __ "I wish poor Bill had some of this" __ Am glad that you are getting more dear - I couldn't bear the thought of you being hungry - Sent Mrs. Davidson Jean your photo too - I think that John is going to get me another new tin this afternoon - (?) I will have the four "(?)". There is (?) at Station from Aunt (?) & we are going in for it to day. Got my dresses from Mrs. Walker but they are not very satisfactory - sold one to Alice - I know that I am a crank, but papa & John say they are not fit - At least one - but have fixed up the others a bit - Am sorry that I cannot go North with papa - would like to go but it is hardly safe to leave place with Dave - It makes us feel very lonely to think of you going to England. You seem far enough away now. But I know you will be glad and we will try & be glad too - Miss Campbell gave me some lovely wool to knit for you - Good buy dear just now. We were in Town Saturday night & went to "(?)" - very good - Gertie had pretty new dress on looked very nice - am afraid that they are not doing very well. (?) is working with (?) -

Love & hugs from Mamma

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