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Date: April 3rd 1916

April 3, 1916
Dear sister-

I received your letter and thought I would answer it So here goes

Its raining here as usual and the cannon are roaring on allside it stops raining here when ever the guns stop firing so you can imagine how much good weather there is

You people all seem to thing I am sorry I enlisted well I hate to say I am not but I ain't cause I would never of been contented at home if I hadn't but just you wait and see how contented I will be when I get back where a fellow can get three good meals a day and a couple of washes and not be lousy and have a place to sleep in say this makes a fellow realize what a sweet place home is even if it is a mile from the road

I got a letter from Ted the other day and he said he hoped I wasn't wounded very bad it was so slight I didn't bother writing home about it I was only 5 day in the hospital I got hit in one of the raid we pull off just a little scratch in the face and in the leg from one of Frizys bombs Frizs don't like our bomb a bit he would like it a lot better if we wouldn't use them at all we have to throw the when he don't see us cause if he sees us he throw his hands and says "mercy kamarade" Say you know or I don't know wether you know or not the yerning a fellow has to here the guns well I don't think I will ever have that yerning again.

Well how is all the folk at home has Gordon grown any I suppose sandy and Jack will be big fellows now-Bill

W. Pte W.H. Bell

I got you parcel all OK . I will get the rest later

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