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Date: May 13th 1917
Mrs. Bell
Mrs. B. R. Empey

11312-71st St
May 13th 1917
Dear Friend Mrs Bell

As Elma is writing to Lucy I thought I would like to send a line or two of sympathy to you for the loss of your boy. It is hard to find words to help heal a broken heart and I,m sure your heart feels like that at this time. It seems so hard to think he had to meet death in that way but so many mothers have lost more than one boy in this way but when we stop to think of it it does seem so cruel to have the best of manhood taken from our country. They are brave lads to try to save our country by giving their life to save it.

Any human sympathy seems so poor and small beside of what the Great Divine, the great comforter could give if we look above He is able to help in every time of need. The poet hath said

When the cold dark waves are round us Saviour draw Thou near Breathing over our trembling spirit Words of love and cheer

I am His"; then his service alone shall engage me To do , or to suffer; to work, or to rest; He alone must decide, so I quietly leave it, And know that he will order what seemeth Him best

He is able to keep me in cloud or in sunshine, Whatever the storm He is able to save ; I am His, He is mine + His strength gives me courage All trials to meet and all dangers to brave

May these few lines be the language of your heart and mine. Good bye

From your true friend

Mrs. B. R. Empey[?]

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