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Date: September 16th 1917
Don (Jack)

Sept. 16th /17

My Dear sister

Well here I am again. I rec'd your letter about two days ago. I was sorry to hear of your boy friend's death. You want to warn Uncle Matt & Aunt Birdie against speeding. I'll bet it's a good job I am not near, or I would be liable to get my ears boxed for saying that was the cause of their accident with Babe. oh well I am pleased they were not hurt very badly anyhow. You say you hope I am kicking at Fritz, well yes I am, but he seems to be able to stand an awful lot of that stuff, as the war does not seem much nearer an end. oh well we'll hope for a brighter outlook soon. It might be better if Russia had not let us down. I am beginning to fell pretty old now. Just think of it twenty two the other day. I'd like to be in Canada for my next birthday. I am going to try and make a remittance to you, of part of my wages, so you can get me a few things that I need. If I'm successful I will tell you what they are. We just get six dollars per month while in France so you see we do not have a great deal for extras. I generally spend mine on sauces and the like to flavour the army rations. We can't complain on the rations though. They're not fancy, but sustaining which is what we need. It is beginning to get pretty cool at nights over here now. That is alright, but we do not like the wet weather for our work. When I enlisted I gave your address as Miss O. B. Had I not better change it to H. then there will be no chance of your mail going astray should they wish to communicate with you. Well give my Love to Auntie & Uncle, and write often to your XXXXXXX

Loving brother XXXXXXXX

Don. X

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