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Date: September 3rd 1917
Don (Jack)

France Sept. 3rd 1917

My Dear sister

I hope this will find you all well at home, as it leaves me at present. We are still carrying on in the same old way. I was not feeling in the best of health for a few days last week, as I swallowed some more of Fritz' gas. I thought my head would burst open, it ached so, but I am O.K. now. I am sure pleased with myself that it was not a worse dose. I watched the french people bake their bread the other day, and I was sure interested. They build a hot fire in the large furnace affair, and get it good and hot. Then they rake out all the fire and throw the formed loaves in on the bare hot floor. If it happens to cool too soon they have to take out the bread and put in the fire again. Nearly everything they do over here is about one hundred years behind our mode. They even bind their grain by hand, and thresh with horsepower. Their bread is dark brown in color and very heavy. We are still enjoying warm weather, but it is beginning to rain more, which is not very good for trenches. How are the crops in Canada this year? They seem pretty heavy over here. I hope you are making out well as ever at school. Did you write to Marion, or not? The surrounding country looks just like Ontario at present I think. That is back of the line of course Well give my Love to Aunt Birdie & Uncle Matt, also Aunt Frank Uncle Willie & Aunt Ann.

I remain as ever XXXXXXXXX

Your Loving brother XXXXXXXXXX

Don XX

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